Atmosphere LED Lights - 4pcs, 17cm, 12V DC, RGB+W, Bluetooth App Controlled w/Music 16 million colors, dynamic color effects, and user selectable color

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Atmosphere LED lights can be added to your car, truck, motorbike, boat, snowmobile, and more. They are easily controlled through your smartphone's Bluetooth connection and offer 16 million colors, dynamic color effects, music control and color effects, dimming, strobing, and more. The LED strips are flexible and are encased in a water resistant casing.


  • Power: 12V DC input and 12V DC output from the cigarette lighter power adapter
  • 4pcs flexible LED strips
  • Each strip is 17cm long, 1cm wide, and 0.5cm thick
  • LED count per strip - 9pcs
  • LED type - RGB + White
  • Color possibilities - 16 million selectable from the color wheel in the app
  • Backside has a 3M self adhesive tape
  • Cable lengths - front power cables are 112cm long, the rear power cables are 162cm long
  • Bluetooth Controller Box dimensions - 5cm long, 3.5cm wide, 2cm high
  • Cable length from the BT Controller Box to the cigarette lighter power adapter - 45cm
  • App Name: LED LAMP
  • App connectivity: BT (Bluetooth)
  • App options - 16 million colors, predefined colors and dynamic effects, music control and color responsiveness, brightness control


  • Connect the cigarette power supply to a cigarette lighter outlet
  • Install front and read LED strips in desired location under the front dash and rear seats
  • Hide the power wires along the edge of the center console and the floor
  • If there is no cigarette lighter outlet, you can remove the cigarette lighter adapter and hardwire the BT controller to a 12V DC power supply 
3 months