HID Xenon Kits

HID Vision Canada carries 35W, 55W and 75W HID Xenon headlight kits for all car and truck models and makes. Our kits come standard with canbus pro HID ballasts. We also carry relays, capacitors, and resistors necessary for some installations.

Use RESISTORS if your HID kit cuts out after a few minutes of being ON with your truck engine running. Generally this is common on Dodge truck with 35W HID kits. 55W and 75W ballasts provide high enough power draw for the electrical system to assume the "halogen" bulbs, which it thinks you're using, are NOT burned out.

Use CAPACITORS if your HID kit flickers in ON mode while your truck engine is running. This is common in Dodge trucks because of pulse power modulation - quick ON/OFF sets. A capacitor absorbs these ON/OFF sets and send out a steady stream of power to the HID ballasts. Use only if you don't have 6V daytime running lights in your truck and are using non-canbus ballasts. If you do have 6V DRL's and non-canbus ballasts, then use a capacitor and a relay in conjunction with one another.

Use a RELAY if your HID kit strobes in DRL modem with your truck engine running. Most DRL systems operate at a lower voltage, normally 6V. If this is your case, then use a relay to supply the HID ballasts with full 12V-14V of power. OEM light connector is only used as a trigger for the relay, and does not supply power to the headlights.