Wedge style - 161 192 921 12961 T15

Wedge style LED bulbs on this page are commonly used in cars, trucks, RV's, and campers. The fit a variety of lights including dome lights, licence plate lights, map lights, marker lights, parking lights, trunk lights, cargo lights, mirror lights, puddle lights, and reverse backup lights.

To find the right replacement LED bulb please measure the length of the bulb you have and then match it to the length of the LED. For example, 921 Halogen bulb is 38mm long, so you can use any T10 LED bulb up to a max of 38mm in length. T10 means it is a WEDGE style bulb base with a 10mm radius. T15 is a wedge style bulb with a 15mm radius. T10 LEDs can be used in place of T15 OEM bulbs because the base is the same.