Warranty & Returns


We fully understand that returns and exchanges can be stressful, but we are here to help and look after you. We are not Costco or Amazon so you can't just throw used, installed items in a carton box and ship them back to us. That just won't work.

We 100% guarantee that all our HID kits, LED kits, and LED products work when they are shipped out. Photos of each item working (turned ON) are included in every shipment and stored in a database along with your receipt. If you install HID or LED lights and they are not working, check your installation. More often than not, reversing the polarity by rotating the power plug 180 degrees fixes the problem. Please note, that once any product is installed, it automatically becomes a non-returnable and non-refundable item. If product fails within its specified warranty, a replacement product will be sent out. Shipping charges will apply.

To return or exchange an item the following conditions must be met:

1. Call us at 604-791-9027 and discuss the problem you're having. We will then determine the next steps. Many times it is just a small installation error or an additional part that is required to make your lights work.
2. Your return request must be made within 7 business days after receiving the item(s).
3. Items that physically DO NOT fit your vehicle, and are not fault of ours, can only be exchanged for another item.  
4. Only items that HAVE NOT been installed can be returned or exchanged. 
5. Only items in their ORIGINAL condition and packaging without any damage can be returned or exchanged.
6. Only items with ALL accessories, paperwork, and parts can be returned or exchanged.
7. 10% Restocking Fee applies on accepted returns.
8. Shipping and Handling charges are NON-REFUNDABLE.
9. If you paid by PayPal, 4% will be held back due to recent PayPal's Policy Update dated March 16, 2020 in which PayPal states they will no longer refund PayPal fees on purchase refunds. The new policy comes into effect on May 19, 2020.
10. If you paid by a credit card, the credit card processing fee will be subtracted from the refund. This change will come into effect starting June 6, 2023 as a result of the credit card companies NOT refunding the processing fee on customer refunds starting that date.

USA Customer Warranty and Returns - Please DO NOT send the items back indicating the full value you paid for the item on the Customs Form. This is not a sale, but a return or a warranty item with $0 value. Items will be returned to you if the Customs Form is not filled out properly, indicating it is a warranty or return item.


Every product we sell is backed by manufacturer's warranty. Please note that not all products have the same warranty, and are specific to the manufacturer of the product. Customers requesting warranty on a product purchase from HID Vision Canada should first call 604-791-9027 and discuss their problem with us.

Our main goal is your satisfaction and we will look after your problem within a warranty period as well as after the warranty expires. If a product fails within its warranty period, we will provide you with a free replacement. Shipping charges will apply and must be paid before a replacement product is shipped out. 


35W & 55W HID kits - 12 months
75W HID kits - 3 months
LED bulbs - 1 month
LED lightbars & LED Work Lights - 12 months
LED headlight kits - 12 months
JEEP LED headlights, fog lights, tail lights, marker lights, and signal lights - 12 months
Harley Davidson - all lights - 12 months


Warranty applies to LED headlights, LED bulbs, and LED & HID kits including bulbs and ballasts that were properly installed and which fail to operate under normal operating conditions within the warranty period specified above. There are no returns or refunds offered during the warranty period or thereafter, only exchanges of faulty bulbs, drivers, or ballasts. 


Warranty does not cover any LED or HID products breakage or explosion due to improper installation or handing, damage to the bulbs or ballasts from an automotive accident, electrical shortage (due to improper installation), vehicle electrical problems, vehicle wiring problems, water damage, fire, or acts of nature. Warranty does not cover any damage that may occur to vehicle during installation or after.


First of all, contact us by telephone at 604-791-9027. Tell us what the problem is so we can assist you. You may be required to take photos and video of the product before a replacement is sent out. If an LED headlight, LED bulb, or any part of an LED/HID kit fail within their warranty period, we will provide you with a free replacement. Customers are responsible for shipping charges for warranty items. 99% of the time you will not be required to return the non-working broken product to us.


All special order items, i.e. those not normally in stock, but those which can be ordered by request, will be covered under the products' warranty, but are non-returnable and no-refundable under any circumstance. If the product fails to operate within its warranty period, it will be replaced with the same or newer product. We can help you determine the right product for your vehicle before you special order it.