LED Power Adapter Cables

Power adapter cables facilitate the connection of diverse devices by converting their power interfaces. For instance, you can seamlessly integrate 9004 LED bulbs into a vehicle designed for 9007 halogen bulbs using 9004 to 9007 adapters. Moreover, ensure compatibility between 9005 anti-flicker decoders and H11 bulbs with the use of 9005 to H11 power adapters. Jeep owners can effortlessly link H4 LED headlights to native H13 OEM connectors through H13 to H4 power adapters. At HVC, we offer a range of power adapters, including 9007 to H13, 9004 to H4, H4 to H13, 9005 to H11, and H11 to 9005, catering to various connections. Also check out the connector and power adapter page in the HID section of our website for more cables and adapters.