HID OEM Ballasts

JAN 2021 NOTICE: It can now take up to 3-4 weeks to get these ballast from USA. Please do not order them if you're unable to wait that long.

Dealership supplied HID OEM ballasts are unreasonably expensive. That is why we offer OEM ballasts at a lower price, saving you up to 300% over dealership cost. 

We carry the following OEM ballasts - BOSCH, DENSO, DECO/MOBISHELLA, KOITOMITSUBISHI, OSRAM, PANASONIC (MATSUSHITA), and VALEO. Please note that all ballasts have to be special ordered and require 5-10 business days lead time.

When finding the right ballast, please have a look at the original ballast mounting brackets, connectors, and then the OEM number on the label. If you can't find the right ballast for your vehicle, please email us and we will assist you.

All special ordered OEM replacement ballasts are non-returnable and non-refundable. However, if they fail to operate within their one year warranty period they will be replaced for free. Shipping charges will apply.