DOT Information

DOT Compliance Advisory

Before installing aftermarket LED or HID lights in your vehicle, it is crucial to verify the legality of such modifications in your province. We recommend consulting with the Department of Transportation (USA), Transport Canada, or your local RCMP detachment for guidance. Please note that OEM HID lighting systems provided by vehicle manufacturers are DOT compliant. However, aftermarket LED bulbs or HID lighting kits typically do not meet DOT standards, with the exception of round or rectangular sealed beam LED headlights and select LED bars that have successfully passed DOT, SAE, E9 requirements. These compliant headlights bear visible DOT SAE E9 markings on their lenses.

As a result, all LED and HID light kits offered on this site, specifically those designed as halogen bulb replacements, are explicitly designated for "off-road or exhibition use only." The exception to this designation applies to specific models, such as 7-inch round Jeep and Harley Davidson headlights, 5-3/4 inch round Harley Davidson LED headlights, and 4x6 and 5x7 LED headlights, all of which prominently feature DOT markings on their lenses, indicating their compliance with DOT requirements.

It's crucial to understand that HID conversion kits may be considered illegal due to the inherent limitations of halogen headlamp housings in properly managing HID light. This can potentially result in a blinding effect for oncoming traffic. Some recommend upgrading to projector headlamps as a potential solution for using HID headlights in vehicles not originally equipped with them. Nevertheless, it is imperative to consult with your local police department or authorities before undertaking any light upgrades.

Please be advised that any violations of the terms of sale, wherein products are used for purposes other than off-road or exhibition use, fall under the full responsibility of the customer. We are not liable for unauthorized or unintended usage. Your safety and compliance with local regulations remain our top priority.