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When working on headlights and electrical systems in your vehicle, you may find broken, damaged, melted, corroded, and otherwise destroyed parts which may prevent the headlights from functioning properly. In this section of our website you will find various single connectors, connector adapters, fuses lines, fuse taps, bulbs, and diodes, to make your repair job or new installation a breeze. We have adapters that will allow you to install 9007 LED kits in a vehicle and connect them to a 9004 headlight connector, preserving the high and low beam functionality. We also have H4 to H13 and H13 to H4 power adapters, so you can install LED headlights with H4 connectors on a vehicle with H13 headlight connectors, such a Jeep Wrangler. The recitifier diodes are super useful when you need to direct the flow of electricity in one way only, and not back. The H11 to 9005 and 9005 to H11 adapters are super useful when installing HID relays on a vehicle with H11 bulbs and you have no access to an H11 relay. The various fuse taps are a safe way to add a power source to your new dashcam or a radar detector.