Car and Truck LED kits

LED headlight bulb replacement kits also known as LED conversion kits come with wide variety of options. Some have fans while others do not or while some use copper ribbon cables for cooling. Some are all-in-one designs while others use external led drivers (small ballasts). The one you select will depend on how much space you have behind the headlight; if there is a dust cap on the back of the headlight or not; if you have enough space inside the headlight to fit the bulb body and led driver inside it. Always look at the bulb dimensions to help you decide which LED kit to buy before buying a kit. If you're still unsure we are here to help: 604-791-9027,


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How do I know which LED kit I need?

Follow these steps: 
1. Visit Philips Automotive Bulb Lookup website, enter your vehicle information, and then write down the bulb type you receive in search results. 

Sample Search: 2012 Dodge RAM Pickup yields the following results

Low beam headlamp H11 - 55W
High beam headlamp 9005
Fog-front 9145 (also known as H10)

What you need to know is the H11 (low beam) 9005 (high beam) and 9145 (fog) numbers. These are the bulb types used in the vehicles headlights and fog lights. The 55W next to H11 refers to the OEM halogen bulb wattage, not the LED wattage.  

2. Now return to our site and navigate to LED CONVERSION KITS -> CARS & TRUCKS, and look for H11 or 9005 or 9145 LED kits. All kits are listed in numerical order so they are easy to find. Once you find the H11 section, several kits may be offered to you. Now decide on which H11 kit you need by options such as price, lumens, fan or fanless etc.

3. Add the kit of your choice to the shopping cart and check out.