LED Anti-flicker Canbus Error-free Decoders

The LED anti-flicker error-free (canbus) decoders are a welcome addition to LED headlight conversion kits. Without them, some LED conversion kits may flicker or generate a "bulb-out" error. Using anti-flicker error-free (canbus) modules is a safe way of converting a halogen bulb headlight system to LED. LED anti-flicker error-free decoders will not harm your vehicle's computer in any way, and they will enhance LED compatibility with all vehicles, especially JEEP, RAM, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, and VW. 

1st generation decoders are used to resolve LED flickering issues.
2nd generation super decoders are used to resolve LED flickering issues, and canbus "bulb-out" dash warnings. These are still the #1 Choice in anti-flicker decoders.
3rd generation ultimate decoders have an extra power cable connected directy to the battery to provide full power to the bulbs. They are used to resolve LED flickering issues, and canbus "bulb-out" dash warnings. ***These are no longer available.
4th generation mini decoders are capable of providing flicker-free LED operation at 6V, and resolve "bulb-out" dash warnings. These are NOT as advanced as the 2nd gen in their anti-flicker function. 

If the vehicle's headlights are shutting off after upgrading to LEDs you will need to add 50W resistors which boost the power draw mimicking the usage of a halogen bulb.

The anti-flicker decoders will not resolve EMI (electro-magnetic interference), they only stop the LED lights from flickering and the car from displaying a “bulb out” error message on the dash due to the low LED  power draw.