HID Bulb Color Guide



Bulb temperature in Kelvin = color of the light
Lumens (lm) = brightness

Most customers have a common misconception that the higher the K (Kelvin temperature) the brighter it gets, but in fact, it is the opposite.

The K rating is inversely proportional to the light output, therefore the lower the K, the brighter the light output. A 10000K bulb actually produces LESS light than a 6000K bulb, and therefore less night visibility.

4300K HID Color Temperature
3400 lm output
emits OEM HID color light

6000K HID Color Temperature
3200 lm output
emits pure white light

8000K HID Color Temperature
2900 lm output
emits bluer light than the 6000K

10000K HID Color Temperature
2650 lm output
emits deep blue light output approaching violet and the blue is noticeably deeper than the 8000K

12000K HID Color Temperature
2200 lm output
emits deep bluish violet light and is deeper colored than the 10000K

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