Smoked Lens RGB+W Bluetooth LED Grille Lights, Strobe Lights, DRL Lights, Hood Lights - 4pcs

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These small smoked lens LED lights can be used as daytime running lights, grille lights, hood lights, or emergency flashing strobing grille lights. They need 4cm of space to be mounted in and have one small screw on each side to secure them in place.


  • LED Count in each light: 6pcs
  • The set includes 4 LED lights with amber lens and a connector harness
  • Fits a 4cm wide and 1.8cm high grille opening
  • The side tabs on each light are 0.8cm wide and 0.8cm high
  • Harness cable length: 180cm (5.9 feet) from the end of the cable to the Bluetooth Control box
  • Power cable length from the light to the Bluetooth Control box: 53cm (21 inches)
  • The Bluetooth Control Box size is 4.3cm x 2.0cm x 1.1cm
  • Colors: 16 million selectable from the color wheel
  • App: DuoCo Strip available for iOS and Android
  • App options: predefined colors, selectable colors, predefined dynamic color light options, strobe functions, music play to lights, microphone to lights, color fade in/out, dynamic color blending
  • App adjustments: speed of dynamic effects, brightness 
  • Power supply: 12V DC
  • Power Wires: bare wire positive (red) and negative (black)
  • Suggested connection: a fuse holder tap to any ACC fuse which is ON when the vehicle is in the ACC mode


  • The side wings with the screws were cut off on each light as they had no purpose
  • The lights were affixed inside the grille with black RTV Silicon
  • Power wires from the BT control unit were ran directly to the battery +/-
  • Power ON/OFF is controlled via the BT phone app
  • DIY install 1.5hrs
1 year