32W H4 DC (H6M/P15D/BA20D) Hi/Lo 3000lm 3-sided LED Headlight Bulb for Motorbikes - Model M3-S

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This 30W 3-sided 3000lm LED Hi/Lo motorbike LED headlight bulb provides superior lighting in comparison to a halogen bulb. It comes with H4/H6M/P15D/BA20D bulb adapters to fit a wide variety of motorbikes. The power connector is H4 3 prong, high and low beam.


  • LEDs on 3 sides for full 360 degree light
  • All-in-one design - LED driver built-into the bulb 
  • Plug-n-play installation
  • Cooling fan on bulb
  • Connector type: H4
  • 4 bulb adapters are included to match H4/H6M/P15D/BA20D bulbs 
  • Body color: silver
  • LED color: 6000K (white)
  • Voltage: 6V to 36V DC
  • Power output: 32W
  • Lumens: 3000lm in hi/lo
  • Lifespan: 30,000hrs
  • Warranty: 1 year


Total bulb length: 8.1cm
Minimum space required inside the headlight bucket: 4.3cm
Fan diameter: 4.5cm
LED driver size: N/A (it is built into the bulb)

1 year