9005 (HB3) i8 6V DRL COMPATIBLE 1:1 12000lm 70W lens warming LED kit - NEW!

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9005 (HB3) i8 with Daytime Running Light LED (DRL) Series offers the latest headlight warming LED technology with a fan pushing the warm air created by the LED diodes into the headlights instead of out the back. The advantage of this design is that the bulbs do not require any additional space under the headlight's dust caps, and fit the same as 9005 halogen bulbs. The LED diodes are located perfectly in the same distance from the bulb's body as 9005 halogens ensuring proper headlight reflection. The only difference is the extra length of the bulb due to the cooling fan which located at the top of the LED bulb.


i8 with DRL has a separate daytime running light LED which comes on only when the voltage is between 3.8V and 10V DC. This design allows for flicker free daytime running light (DRL) operation at the lowest possible voltage in vehicles using 9005 bulbs with daytime running lights (mostly high beam). Once a vehicle provides voltage over 10V then the main LEDs turn on and the DRL LED is turned off.


  • Brightness: 12000lm/set, 6000lm/bulb
  • Operating Voltage: 9-32V DC
  • Power: 70W per kit, 35W per bulb
  • Power Consumption: 2.45A@14.4V DC
  • Power DRL: 5W
  • 6V DRL Compatible: NO (min voltage is 10V)
  • Main LED: 16pcs (8 per side) 5530
  • DRL LED: 2pcs (1 per side) ZES
  • Size: 1:1 to halogen
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • LED color: 6000K (white)
  • Life Span: >30,000 hrs
  • Operating temperature: -45C to +85C
  • LED noise cancellation: Yes, using a built-in EMC anti-interference chip
  • Cooling: Fan
  • Polarity: No
  • Plug-n-play: Yes.
  • Canbus: Yes, error free operation
  • LED driver: Built-in


  • Full bulb length: 7.3cm (9005 halogen is 7.1cm)
  • Bulb diameter at the top: 1.5cm
  • Space required at the back of the headlight: 1.5cm
1 year