Heads Up & Phone Display Bracket for HUD-G3, iPhone, and other HUD devices

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Beautifully designed Heads Up Display (HUD) Bracket is the perfect companion for your HUD display (HUD-G3) or an iPhone/Android Smart Phone with HUD software installed on it. It comes with everything you need to have the perfect place to rest your mobile device and view data about your travel. If you already have a navigation app installed on your smart phone you can use this device to display it on the screen. NOTE: your navigation package must be able to display the screen as HUD (mirror image).

If you don't have any HUD apps on your phone, you can download a FREE HUD Mobile App called "AwesomeHUD". Awesome HUD is part of a package called "HUD Widgets" which includes SPEEDOMETER (FREE), TRIP INFO (FREE & Purchase), ROAD App (FREE), NAVIGATION (FREE), LAND METER (Purchase), and CLOCK (FREE).