2-pin LED Flasher Relay CF12-ANL01 for Domestic Cars

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So you've upgraded your signal light bulbs to LED bulbs and now your lights flash very fast. This is also called "hyper-flashing". There are different ways to solve this problem. One is to install resistors on each light which will work fine but they do create heat so you have to choose their location carefully. Another way is to install new LED Compatible Flashers. Simply unplug the factory OEM flasher and plug in an LED Flasher. All LED flashers are vehicles specific so choose them carefully. If you're unsure, remove the OEM flasher from your vehicle and compare the size and pins with an LED one. You can also email us or give us a call.


+: Power Positive(12VDC)
L: Load
Clicking Sound: No

Replaces: Wagner 552