Voltage Booster 6V DC to 12V DC 3.0 Amp for LED kits requiring full voltage in DRL mode.

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Do your new LED's not come on at all due to low power voltage of daytime running lights (DRL)? Use this DC to DC power booster to increase 6V DRL to 12V. Can be used with all LED conversion kits which do not exceed 3 Amp current draw, and where full voltage is required but only 6V is available in DRL mode. Can also be setup for single bulb H/L systems where high beam or low beam is DRL (example: H4, H13, 9004, 9007 bulb types).

Power: 36W
Input voltage: 5V-12V DC 
Output voltage: 12V DC, with max current draw at 3 Amps 
Connection: IN 6V Bare Wire Line In (red + /black - wires) - OUT 12V Bare Wire Line Out (yellow + / black - wires) 


  • Does NOT work in 2010 Nissan Versa. Solution is to install H4 (9003) 8G LED kit which is DRL compatible. No decoders are required.
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