H7 1:1 i7 8400lm 30W lens warming CANBUS LED headlight kit - NO ADAPTERS NEEDED

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These H7 i7 1:1 fan cooled LED bulbs are the perfect plug-n-play fit for any vehicle using an H7 bulb type. No adapters are required because the bulbs fit the same as H7 halogen bulbs. Directly plugs into your existing headlight power connector. No extra LED drivers to worry about. No extra wires. High or Low beam in a single bulb.

Kit includes: 2x LED bulbs


  • Heat created by the LED diodes is kept in the headlight and not expelled out the back like most LED bulbs do
    Heat Generation Data: Halogen H7 heats up to 238C while the H7 LED heats up to 91C at the top of the bulb
    After running the LED bulb in a headlight for 15 minutes the lens temperature increased by 10C
  • LED chips on both sides of the bulb are ON providing 360 degree light source
  • Adjustable beam: Yes - 2 positions - vertical or horizontal LED alignment
  • Power: 15W per bulb, 30W per kit
  • Power draw:  1.9A@12V (halogen bulb draws 3.87A@12V)
  • Output: 4000lm per bulb, 8000lm per kit
  • LED CHIPS: 6pcs, 3pcs per side
  • LED type: ETI 5530 Lumileds ZESII
  • LED Color Temperature: 6000K
  • H7 Halogen Brightness Measurement: 331 LUX
  • H7 LED Brightness Measurement: 1519 LUX - 4.5x brighter than an H7 halogen bulb
  • Voltage: DC 9V-32V
  • Polarity: No
  • 6V DRL compatible: No (lowest operating voltage is 8.5V)
  • Built-in canbus: Yes
  • EMC radio interference cancellation: Yes
  • Dodge/Chrysler/KIA/Hyundai need LED Decoders: Yes
  • Lifespan: 50,000+hrs
  • Rating: IP67
  • Working temperature: -45C to +85C 
  • Cooling: fan cooled. Fan is located in the top part of the bulb.


Bulb length: 5.6cm
Bulb length inside headlight: 4.6cm
Bulb diameter at top: 1.6cm
Base diameter: 3.4cm
Space needed behind the headlight: 0.4cm


  • 2010 BMW R1200 GS motorbike low and high beam
1 year