H13 (9008) X9 H/L 2-sided 10000lm 90W FCiP LED kit, cooling fan, external LED driver

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These are the latest in LED headlight kit series. They are also the brightest, and not by factory lumens, but by an actual LUX test. The bulb body is quite small and it uses the newest CSP LED chips FCiP (Flip Chip in Package).

Kit includes: 2pcs H13 X9 LED bulbs with LED drivers


  • 360 degree light: YES
  • 2 sided bulb design: YES
  • External LED driver
  • Output: H/L 5000lm per bulb, H/L 10000lm per kit
  • LED CHIPS: 12pcs FCiP w/120lm per watt
  • Power: 45W per bulb, 90W per kit
  • Adjustable LED beam: YES
  • Canbus: No
  • Actual Power Draw: 3.8A@12V (45.6W) per bulb
  • Voltage: DC 9-32V (12V or 24V systems)
  • 6V DRL: NO (lowest operating voltage is 8.0V)
  • Color: 6500K
  • Lifespan: 30,000hrs
  • Rating: IP65
  • Bulb body material: aviation aluminum
  • Working temperature: -40C to +80C 


Total bulb length: 7.7cm
Fan diameter: 3.0cm
Space needed for the bulb's fan at the back of the headlight: 3.0cm
LED driver size: 4.6cm (L) x 2.8cm (W) x 1.4cm (H)
Cable length: 27cm


Low beam LEDs are the ones closest to the front of the LED bulb. When installing this bulb, ensure that LED chips are facing to the sides of the headlight, one side towards the fender and the other towards the grille. Also make sure that the low beam LEDs are on top, and high beam leds are on the bottom when in headlight. This is done by default, but check visually anyways. To install the OEM retaining ring, you will have to remove the black ring on the bulb, slide the OEM retaining ring onto the bulb, then slide the bulb's black ring back on, secure it with a screw, and then install the whole assembly in the headlight. 


1 year