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55W Conversion Kits

HID Vision Canada carries 55W HID Xenon kits for all car and truck makes and models. Our kits come standard with canbus pro HID ballasts. 

How do I know which HID kit I need?

Follow these steps: 
1. Visit Philips Automotive Bulb Lookup website, enter your vehicle information, and then write down the bulb type you receive in search results. 

Sample Search: 2012 Dodge RAM Pickup yields the following results

Low beam headlamp H11 - 55W
High beam headlamp 9005
Fog-front 9145 (also known as H10)

What you need to know is the H11 (low beam) 9005 (high beam) and 9145 (fog) numbers. These are the bulb types used in the vehicles headlights and fog lights. The 55W next to H11 refers to the OEM halogen bulb wattage.

2. Now return to our site and navigate to HID PRODUCTS -> HID CONVERSION KITS -> CARS & TRUCKS, and look for H11 or 9005 or 9145 LED kits. All HID kits are listed in numerical order so they are easy to find. Once you find the H11 section you will need to decide on which H11 kit you need by selecting the wattage 35W, 55W, 75W. The higher the wattage the more light output you can expect. 35W HID kits triple the light output of 55W halogen bulbs. 55W kits offer about 40% more light than 35W kits. 75W kits are very bright but also produce the most heat and are recommended for large headlights where heat can dissipate. Do not use them in projectors or small fog lamps.

3. Add the HID kit of your choice to shopping cart and check out.  



Because of your peers, starting January 22, 2016, you are required to buy HID kits for your Dodge RAM with resistors, capacitors, and relays, whether you need them or not. If you're ordering online, it is your responsibility to order these parts not ours. All our HID kits are sent out tested and 100% working, however, we cannot and will not guarantee your installation. All HID kits are non-returnable. Please read the Return Policy before buying. If you're not sure what you need, please email us before buying.