7" 60W Remote Controlled Marine or Truck LED Search Light. WHITE or BLACK Color - New design for 2018!

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Simply Wow! This light is massive and well built! It weighs 2.5kg and the strong magnets fully support its weight if hung upside down. Motors are super responsive and vertical light travel is very quick. The light itself rotates full 360 degrees using the remote. Suitable for roof mount on any car, truck, RV, farm vehicle, boat or even home security. The supplied bracket allows for mounting on non-metal surfaces where the strong magnets cannot be used. 


  • Remote Control Operated
  • Motion Range: UP and DOWN (120 degrees), SIDE to SIDE (360 degrees)
  • LED Power: 60W   
  • Lumens: 4800 lumens
  • Operating Voltage: 12V to 24V DC
  • Power Supply: cigarette lighter power adapter
  • Waterproof rate: IP65
  • LED color: 6000K (pure white)
  • Beam: SPOT beam
  • 30,000+ hours life time
  • Dimensions: 7 inch diagonal
  • Finish Color: WHITE or BLACK
  • Included Base Options
    1. Permanent mount with light slide in/out, and
    2. Magnetic base with very strong magnets.