Emergency Highway Roadside Safety RED Strobe LED kit with Magnetic Base / 2pcs

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Car broke down? Stuck on the roadside? Need help? Use these red led light emergency beacon lights to warn drivers of your car's location. Can be placed on the road or attached to your car's  roof or fenders using its built-in magnetic base. This is the perfect roadside emergency kit featuring 2 magnetic base beacons with 6 red alert LED strobe lights and 2 white LED emergency light which function as flashlight.


Kit includes:

  • 2 beacon LED lights w/magnets
  • 2 removable plastic bases


  • 6 selectable red strobe light patterns
  • White LED light which functions as flashlight
  • Magnetic base for easy mounting options on vehicle
  • Detachable permanent mounting base
  • Requires 3pcs 1.5V AAA batteries


  • Base diameter 8.5cm (3")
  • Height 7.0cm (2-3/4")


  • Place on the road behind, on the side, in front of vehicle
  • Stick to vehicle fenders using magnets
  • Hang on the hood latch to provide light at night to see car's engine
  • Stick on fenders above wheels to see vehicle's lug nuts in case you need to change tires at night time 
1 year