AC to DC Rectifier/Regulator for AC snowmobiles and dirt bikes

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Looking to upgrade your AC snowmobile or dirt bike to DC LED or HID lights? Use this AC to DC rectifier/regulator to enable you to do this upgrade. 

Here is how to install it:

  1. Locate the stator on your machine. There should be 5 wires coming out of it. Stator supplies AC voltage and functions like an alternator in a car. 
  2. Locate a YELLOW wire on your stator and connect it to the top right pin on the rectifier.
  3. Locate a WHITE wire on your stator and connect it to the bottom left pin on the rectifier.
  4. Connect the bottom right pin on the rectifier to chassis ground. This ensures that voltage is regulated.
  5. Connect the top left pin to the + wire on your LED or HID light.
  6. Connect the - wire on your LED or HID light to chassis ground.
  7. Fasten the body of the rectifier to chassis to ground it.

Before connecting your LED or HID lights, test the connection with a voltmeter set to DC. The maximum voltage you want to see is 15V! To test the output voltage, connect the positive test lead on the voltmeter to the top left connector on the rectifier and the negative test lead on the voltmeter to ground. Read voltage when idling and when revving up. At full rev you should have no more than 15V showing on the voltmeter. Voltage above 15V may cause lights to burn out prematurely. If voltage checks out, connect your LED or HID lights to the rectifier/regulator.

One rectifier/regulator is required per light.

Full Length including black connector = 8cm (3-1/8")
Full Width = 8cm (3-1/8")