H13 (9008) Anti-flicker Error-free Decoder + LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) Fix - NEW!

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If your vehicle's daytime running lights operate at a voltage lower than 8V, then most LED kits won't even light up. We have the perfect solutions for this problem - our new DRL Modules. They allow you to use any LED kit incapable of running at low voltage DRL, giving it full power, so it always comes on. These modules also provide full canbus compatibility to all non-canbus LED kits.

Here is how it works:

Connect one power cable on each module to the vehicle's light power connector. Connect the other power cable on each module to the new LED bulb from a kit. Connect the supplied power wire to the battery's + and - and then each of the two ends to one of the DRL modules. When the car's headlights are ON (ie. supply is 12V+) then the module does not draw any power from the battery. However, as soon as power to the lights drops below 12V, the module starts to supply the LED lights with full battery power. So, if your DRLs operate at a low voltage (normally 6V), then the modules will always supply power to the lights and they'll work regardless of the minimum voltage required for the led bulbs to light up. Once you turn the car's headlights to ON, the modules will stop drawing power from the battery because it is no longer needed.

Just a perfect piece of engineering!

Package Includes:

  • 2 DRL canbus modules
  • 1 Power cable


  • Minimum Required Voltage for modules to work: 4.1V
  • Battery power is supplied when DRL power drops below 12V
  • Module size: 2.5" (W) x 2.5" (L) x 1" (H)
  • Rated Power: 55W (+/- 10%) 
  • Actual Power: 50.5W (4.2A@12V) with LED kit connected
  • CANBUS Compatible: YES
  • EMC built-in: YES
  • Cable length: 67" (module to module)
  • Cable lenght: 30" (battery to a T-connector where it connects to the module to module cable)
  • Red battery + cable has a built-in replaceable 25A fuse 
  • Everything is plug-n-play for easy installation

 9005 Connection Diagram is below. H13 will be the same except for the power plug shown in the photo below.


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