H4 (9003, HB2) Q7 24000lm 90W H/L LED Headlight Kit with an external LED driver - NEW!

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H4 Kit includes: 2pcs LED bulbs and 2pcs LED drivers 

High/Low beam: YES
LED: 12pc 80mm per bulb
Power: 90W per kit, 45W per bulb (3.7A@12V)
Body: aviation aluminum
Cooling: 2mm copper board and silent turbo fan
Output: 12000lm per bulb, 24000 per kit
Color: 6500K
Voltage: DC 8-32V
6V DRL Compatible: NO (Min voltage is 8V)
Lifespan: 60000hrs
Rating: IP67 (water resistant)
Working temperature: -40C to +100C
LED location aligns perfectly with the filament in a halogen bulb


Diameter at the top of the bulb: 1.4cm 
Diameter at the base of the bulb: 3.3cm
Total bulb length: 8.8cm
Bulb length inside the headlight: 4.0cm
Minimum space needed behind the headlight housing: 4.0cm
LED driver dimensions: 5.5mm x 2.7mm x 1.2mm


1 year