H11 (H8/H9) C6 7600lm 72W COB LED kit, cooling fan, internal LED driver

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H11 C6 Kit includes: 2pcs all-in-one LED bulbs. They are intended for use in headlights or fog lights with H11 bulbs. 

C6 LED kits are an inexpensive alternative to halogen bulb. They are not the brightest LED kits on the market, but they still produce 2.5x more light than halogen bulbs. Each bulb has a cooling fan and an LED driver built-into the bulb for easy installation. They use COB (chip-on-board) technology to reach maximum light and minimize glare. If you're worried about blinding oncoming traffic with too much light then these are for you. They will improve your night driving by offering you more light and at the same time not blind oncoming traffic.  

What is COB LED?

Chips On Board (COB) LED is the latest technology by which multiple LED chips are packaged together into one lighting module. When the module lights up, it looks like a single lighting panel. COB LED can increase lighting area by 10 fold, while minimizing glare.


  • Suitable for headlights or fog lights
  • LED chips on both sides of the bulb are ON providing 360 degree light source
  • Power: 36W per bulb
  • Output: 3800lm per bulb, 7600lm per kit
  • High Power Fan
  • Voltage: DC 8-48V
  • 6V DRL compatible: NO (Minimum voltage required to turn the light ON is 8V)
  • Lifespan: 30,000hrs
  • Rating: IP67
  • Color: 6500K 


Total bulb length: 8.4cm
Fan height: 3.4cm
Fan diameter: 3.4cm
Space needed behind the headlight: 3.5cm


6 months