M1 w/canbus + Bluetooth

M1 LED Series features Bluetooth interface with a FREE mobile app for iPhone or Android smart phones, external LED drivers, and canbus compatibility. With headlights set to OFF, you're able to change the color of the LED lights to any color available on the apps color wheel, you can get the lights to strobe, dim as needed, and flash to music from your smart phone. However, as soon as the headlights are turned ON, the color LEDs turn off automatically. External LED drivers are canbus compatible for flicker-free operation in all vehicles without having to add decoders. The kit is plug-n-play but because of the extra Bluetooth module and external drivers it will require some time to neatly install it under the hood. LEDs are quite bright and feature quiet fan operation for cooling. If you want something out of the ordinary then you should consider the M1 Series LED.