9005 (HB3) X3 6000lm 50W 2nd Gen. PHILIPS ZES LED kit, fanless with built-in LED driver

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Kit includes: 2x LED bulbs with 2nd GEN PHILIPS ZES LED chips

  • Suitable for headlights or fog lights
  • Single Beam - LED chips on both sides of the bulb are ON providing 360 degree light source
  • Power: 25W per bulb
  • Output: 3000lm per bulb, 6000lm per kit
  • LED CHIPS: 2nd GEN PHILIPS ZES means 15% more efficient and high lumens
  • Voltage: DC 9-32V (12V or 24V system compatible)
  • Digital Germany IC inside, Real Canbus, Error Free
  • Current: 2.2Amp
  • Color: 3 colors to choose from 3500K, 6000K, 8000K. DIY by wrapping included film around the glass 
  • Body Material: aviation aluminum 6063
  • Lifespan: 30,000hrs 
  • Rating: IP67
  • Working temperature: -40C to +80C 
  • Waterproof, Dustproof, Long lifespan


Total bulb length: 8.4cm
Cooling fin diameter: 5.0cm
Space needed behind the headlight: 2.8cm (smallest on the market)


  • 2008 Dodge RAM FOG LIGHTS
1 year