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On the topic of "German Technology"

When you see LED headlight kits labeled as "German Technology" and sold for little over $100, you can be 100% sure there is nothing German about them. Internet automotive companies are selling LED kits labeled "German Technology" because you, as the consumer, believe that a German LED product must be better that any other. Maybe it is all in your head because you know cars like AUDI and BMW are made in Germany, and they are supposed to be s...olid. Anyway, think about the reasons why you are buying an LED kit. Is it because of price or because it is "German Technology"? There are other factors such as lumens, wattage, ease of installation, fitment. Those things might be more important than "German Technology" labels. Educate yourselves, ask questions, wonder why something is the way it is.

On the topic of "Lifetime Warranty".

First of all, ask yourself is this even possible. If you ran an online automotive LED store, would you offer lifetime product warranty? No retail store in Canada does this, and there is a good reason for it. LEDs do not last forever. Whose "lifetime" are we talking about, the products or yours? Is the owner of the shop gambling, thinking, customers will sell or upgrade their vehicles in a few years, and then long forget about the seemingly amazing "lifetime" warranty. Automotive LED manufacturers offer 1-2 year warranty, and in some rare cases 4 years, never a "lifetime" warranty. So even if I was crazy enought to offer a "lifetime" warranty on an LED headlight kit, I would not be able to honor it. Why? Manufacturers change product lines about every 6 months, and what was sold 6 months ago may not be available anymore, nevermind something that was sold 4 years ago. So, please educate yourself. Ask questions about the warranty. I called a few places that advertise their product with "Lifetime Warranty", and their answers to my question about their "Lifetime Warranty" went like this:

1. "Lifetime" - means lifetime of the product, which is 1 to 4 years...depending on what they want to offer you.
2. "Lifetime" - means "Lifetime", forever and ever, which is what most of us think when seeing "Lifetime", but when asked what happens when the product is no longer available, I was told "you'll be looked after". How? No one explained how. Will I get my money back, will I get a new LED kit? How will they look after me? They couldn't answer that.

Marketing uses words we want to see when buying a product. Words that create a sense of quality and reliability. Find out what happens when you have an issue with a product, how will the company look after you, what will they do for you, will they answer the phone when you call, will they email you back on the same day? Don't get hooked on words like "German Technology" and "Lifetime warranty" without verifying what they mean first.


Now everyone should be able to afford to upgrade yellowish halogen headlight bulbs with crystal white LEDs.LED engineers are always coming up with newer more efficient designs of LED bulbs. The latest design are the CSP and COB. Both designs are similar in that the LED chips are mounted directly on the PCB board, maximizing [...]

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JEEP LED Headlights - improved design and all-in-one technology

A few LED headlight manufacturers have realized that adding anti-flicker harnesses to JEEP LED headlights can be added cost and not necessary when they can built the anti-flicker canbus module directly into the headlight. As a result there are now a few 7" LED headlight models which do not require anti-flicker modules to work properly. [...]

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Finally a product worth mentioning. Just this month a new SCENE LED reflector design was introduced and is being used in LED bars and LED work lights to provide even more reflective light.LED bars are produced in single and dual rows with SCENE REFLECTORS and so are cube LED work lights. A new 3x3 cube [...]

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Top 4 LED Headlight Kits

The last 3 months have been incredibly busy in the LED world. Companies have been releasing new LED headlight kits every month trying to come up with better, brighter light. We've tried sample sets from all over and selected only a few LED headlight models which are strong in design and performance.Our #1 Choice is [...]

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Newest LED Headlight kit - 5 in 1 color choice

We are introducing the latest LED headlight kit with 3000lm per bulb and 5 DYI colors to choose from. To change the bulb to desired color simply wrap the bulb glass with the provided film. Each color has 2 films. Films are not reusable.CREE LED chips for low beam - both sides of the bulb are on, [...]

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Killer 9" Off-Road LED Light

Here is the latest addition to our off-road light selection. Producing 10,000 lumen, measuring 9 inches in diameter, this light is a killer add on to your off-road experience. It is designed to produce spot light but comes with a clear flood beam lens giving you a choice of seeing in the distance or simply [...]

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Latest 3600lm 2S LED headlight kits

FEATURES:H/L Kits - Low Beam brightness - 2600lm, High beam brightness - 3600lmL kits - 3600lmKit includes: 2pcs LED bulbsModel: 2SPower: 30W per bulbLumens: 3600 per bulbLED: ETI Flip ChipVoltage: 12V-24V (9-32 DC)Rating: IP68, CE, RoHSColor: 3000K, 6000K, 8000KOperating Temp: -40C to +80CLifespan: 30,000hrsINSTALLED IN:1. Peterbilt semitrucks2. Chevy cars3. Ford trucks 4. Dodge TrucksDODGE INSTALLATIONS: Dodge [...]

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Latest 3200lm LED headlight kits

FEATURES:1. Powerful US made CREE XLMT-G2 LED chip2. 3200lm brightness per bulb3. 30,000 hour lifespan which is 10x longer than HID's lifespan4. IP67 - dust proof, water-proof5. Environmentally friendly6. Working temperature 70C - 80CINSTALLED IN:1. Peterbilt semitrucks2. Chevy cars3. Ford trucks DODGE INSTALLATIONS: Dodge trucks are still having issues with 6V DRL systems but we found a [...]

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